How to Create or Reactivate Your Tumasek Account

Welcome to the new Tumasek Pewter online store.
Our new site is finally up and running to 
serve you better.

If you have created an account with us previously, please be informed that your old password
is no longer valid due to system security updates. However, don’t worry! You can still access
your account. Please follow the steps below to reactivate your account with a new password.

If you are looking to create a new account, please follow the steps below as well.

Happy shopping!


Please take note that any email address that was used to open an old Tumasek Pewter account will
have to follow this step to reactivate your account.

1. Check you email mailbox.
Firstly, our customer service team shall have already sent you an reactivation email title
"Tumasek Pewter customer account activation". If you received this email, please follow the instruction
in the email to reactivate your account with a new password.

2. Reset your password via website login page.
Alternatively, you can request for password reset link to be sent to your email address with
the following steps:

2.1 Go to the top menu at our home page, and click LOG IN

2.2 You will be landed to our CUSTOMER LOGIN page
At the CUSTOMER LOGIN page, click on the words Forgot your passwords?  to go to the
next instruction page

2.3 You will be then prompted to key in your email address
Key in your email address (the email address you used for your old Tumasek Pewter account) at the
email field, then click 

2.4 Open your mailbox, your will be receiving an email from us titled Tumasek Pewter Customer
Account Password Reset

2.5 Follow the instruction in the email. You will be guided to a new password enter page.
Once you entered your new password. Go to our login page again and login with your new
password to shop.

Thank you for shopping with Tumasek Pewter!


Please take note that your will required to use and email address that is not used before
for Tumasek Pewter Account.

3 How to open a new account.

3.1 Go to the top menu at our home page, and click LOG IN ICON

3.2 At the CUSTOMER LOGIN page, click Create Account if you like to sign up the new
account with an email address

3.3 Then follow the next instruction page to key in your detail for the new account.
Click SUBMIT when you have filled in all the information required.

Your account is activated!
Happy Shopping!